Why Should You Consider a Career in Electrology?

The River Rock Electrology Institute in Eau Claire, Wisconsin equips our graduates to ace their State Board exams, earn licensure as an electrologist, and start a rewarding career in permanent hair removal.


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Accepted at a cheaper school but realllllllly want to attend River Rock?  We'll match written tuition offers from a state licensed school offering a comparable program, ask us for details.

We are often contacted by students who opted to go to what seemed like the same but cheaper program and now regret their choice. 


We want you to love your choice of schools AND we want you to have the highest level of education possible.


If you've been accepted to a comparable state-licensed program and price is the only thing keeping you from choosing River Rock, we'll match their tuition offer, ask us for details.


Looking for ways to save on tuition? Apply for one of our grants today.

Looking for ways to finance your education?


River Rock offers several grant programs to assist in making training a reality. 


These are not loans, they are competitive scholarships that need not be repaid. 


The Institute Patriots Grant Program


Hildegard Hodges Memorial Grant Program


Ripple Effect Professional Pool Renewal Grant


Becky Wintrone Memorial Grant Program


Austa Clark Memorial Grant Program


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Because, as an Electrologist:

  • Each and every day in this immensely gratifying career, you will help people uncover the confidence they have been missing.  If you enjoy helping others this is a career for you!

  • You will be making a real difference in people's lives.  Read our private practice client testimonials to see what clients say about our treatment approach.

Because, electrology is a growing field:

  • The demand for permanent hair removal is steadily increasing.  An estimated 41 million women in the USA reported having unwanted hair according to SkinMedica.  Our potential pool of clients is not only large, it is growing every day.

  • Research shows hair removal to be a growing industry with the removal of facial hair being "the fastest growing and most used spa services..." (Industry Fact Sheet--Beauty Salons NAICS 812112)  

  • In 2003 the Economist published "The Bare Truth; Human Hair" revealing Gillette's report that "Men and women spent $8 BILLION a year removing it {hair}".  Is there really anyone who does not have unwanted hair?

  • Although the economy has not yet returned to pre 2009 levels, the beauty industry is one of the most recession-proof industries.  According to a 2011 CNN report "Most people -- especially women -- even when there are bad times, we want to feel good," said Scott,  "We're not going to sacrifice feeling beautiful just because we're in a bad situation." 

  • Permanent hair removal benefits from the so-called "lipstick effect".  In times of economic strife, people tend to spend more on beauty products and services.  Our hair removal businesses tend to grow in times of economic difficulty.

  • Electrolysis is still the only permanent method of removing hair.  Educated consumers are seeking permanent results.  Clients who have undergone laser still need removal of light and white hairs in addition to follow up treatments as hair re-grows after laser treatments.

Sure, there are other JOBS out there...But isn't it time for a CAREER you love?





Why Choose the River Rock Institute? 



  • Our very complete curriculum includes from 325 to as much as 1,600 hours of fun (seriously, it is fun) theoretical and practical hands-on training in all four modalities:  Thermolysis (flash and manual), Galvanic, and the Blend as well as Phoresis. 

  • We offer our exclusive, Rock Solid Pledge to all of our students ensuring they have the training they need to succeed with no extra charge for more.

  • We include solid training in entrepreneurship, safety, and sanitation, as well as applicable law and code.  See the FAQ section for a complete course outline.

  • 100% of our graduates have passed their Board exams in their home states and/or the national Certified Professional Electrologist exams from 2007-14.  As of 2014, we have welcomed students from eighteen states and abroad. 

  • Our instructors are specially trained adult student educators, not just trained electrologists.  This ensures you more effective relevant training with less busy work.

  • We were the first state-licensed school to offer a state-licensed distance learning program in the nation which allows students to complete all the theory work online from home and then come onsite for only the practical portion of the training.  We have the experience you need to ensure your success in school and beyond.

  • All of our courses are instructor led, including our e-Learning program.  You won't find a "server" grading your performance here.  You have a real live instructor to assist you when you need them.  And you won't need to retake all of your tests onsite in our program--saving you more time and money.

  • All new course content, modern course information--no 1965 copyright dates here.  Combined with the largest state-of-the-art facility in the Midwest, we can ensure you have the modern approach and skill sets you need to be a successful electrologist today.

  • We are the ONLY program in the Midwest with a solid history of awarding special scholarships and grant opportunities. 

  • We also grant transfer credit for previous applicable training eliminating costly redundant training saving you time and money.  If you have relevant training in cosmetology or the allied health fields, forward your transcripts with your completed application form for an assessment. 

River Rock means EXCELLENCE--high quality training for high quality students


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